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SOC Extension Project – Request for feedback on DRAFT Extended Major Groups

The Office for National Statistics would like to share its Draft Extended Structures for Major Group 2 document for review and comment.

Following circulation of all the Major Groups draft Structures – see schedule below – the complete draft framework will be made available in full for final comment in 2020.  Please note all extended Major Group drafts are based on the draft structure of SOC2020 which is awaiting publication and as such is subject to change.

The order in which the draft extended Major Groups have been produced has been based on user demand and available evidence.  The planned schedule for release is:

Major Groups Scheduled Release of DRAFT disaggregation
2: Professional Occupations

5: Skilled Trades Occupations

October 2019
1: Managers, Directors and Senior Officials

3: Associate Professional and Technical Occupations

4: Administrative and Secretarial Occupations

November 2019
6: Caring, Leisure and Other Service Occupations

7: Sales and Customer Service Occupations

January 2020
8: Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

9: Elementary Occupations

February 2020


In reviewing the sections of the draft extended framework, you may wish to consider the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with the suggested extension?

  • Is your area of work or the areas of interest to you adequately represented at the Sub Unit Group Level?

  • Do you feel greater or alternative detail is required? If so, what should this look like?

  • Are there examples where you believe the disaggregation is unnecessary and should be reduced or removed?

  • If implemented, how would the change(s) you suggest help you and your organisation?


Please send any comments you have on these drafts to by Sunday 10th November 2019. 

Further information and updates relating to the project can be accessed here.

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