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HCS Leadership Journal

The Healthcare Science Leadership Journal aims to encourage an interest in leadership amongst those in healthcare science, by showcasing examples of how leadership in healthcare science can influence and support excellent patient care.

The Journal which is supported by the Academy for Healthcare Science and championed by its Professional Bodies Council, provides a high-level strategic discussion forum on healthcare policy, scientific leadership and horizon scanning of issues that may affect the whole of the healthcare science workforce.

There has never been a better time to launch an on-line journal, supporting and encouraging leadership across all professional groups in the healthcare science community. Leadership is recognised increasingly as being vital in shaping new ways of delivering health and healthcare. Both of the NHS Plans acknowledge the value of healthcare science in supporting new ways of working across scientific, clinical and system-wide contexts.

Effective and imaginative leadership at all career stages will be essential as those in healthcare science engage with significant change and help to create a health service for the 21st century. Dame Professor Sue Hill, the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) in NHS England, has said that the values and community spirit she grew up with shaped her as a leader. The Journal will celebrate the diversity of insights and approaches each person working in healthcare science contributes to its development.

Advice to Contributors

The AHCS welcomes article submissions relating to leadership in healthcare science.

Please note that all contributors/authors must complete the AHCS Article Permissions Form when submitting an article for the AHCS’s consideration.

Please also read the Author Guidelines so you are aware of the required format, word count and content of any prospective articles.

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