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Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) are a vital part of the research workforce. They work in the United Kingdom within research delivery roles that have a patient/participant facing element within clinical environments and other health and social care settings.


CRP activities can include being involved with:

  • Undertaking research study, ensuring participants understand the nature of the research and its risks
  • Identification, screening and randomisation of research study participants
  • Patient care, including Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) storage/supply and clinical sample processing*clinical research operations, development, regulation and ethics processes
  • Ensuring high quality data input at source and its management through a research workflow
  • Communicating across boundaries to maintain relationships that secure investment in research across all clinical specialties and care settings

Scope of Practice

The Scope of Practice and Standards of Proficiency were developed by the working groups who contributed to the CRP development. The CRP Scope of Practice outlines the range of activities undertaken by CRPs and the different environments and contexts of practice.

You must keep within your individual scope of practice, and determining what is and is not part of your scope of practice is part of your professional responsibility. When applying to join the CRP register, you will have to complete a reflection on your own scope of practice and involve team members and your line manager in these discussions.

Standards of Proficiency

Standards are essential for you to perform your job role activities, provide safe and effective care, and demonstrate your professionalism. The 16 CRP Standards of Proficiency cover two areas;

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Behaviours, knowledge and skills covering clinical research, clinical context and leadership.

The principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) apply to you and all CRPs. You will need to demonstrate that you have a GCP certificate that is dated within the last three years as part of your portfolio.

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