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Who We Work With

AHCS work with a number of stakeholders to develop consistent regulation for the Healthcare Science workforce including those in:

  • Education – This includes The National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) which has national responsibility for the management of the educational framework for training and development of healthcare scientists across more than 40 specialties in the NHS, and Higher Education Providers of accredited courses for the registered professional groups.
  • Healthcare Regulation – This includes the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and other members of the PSA Accredited Register Collaborative.
  • Professional Bodies and special interest groups – Includes representatives from the professions registered by AHCS. We also provide specialised admin support for three professional bodies.
  • Trade Associations – The major trade associations support the LSI Industry stakeholders to provide products and services to help people live healthier lives.
  • Chief Scientific Office  (CSO) – To deliver specific projects relating to the Healthcare Science workforce, in particular raising awareness of the profession as a whole.
  • The Four Countries – HCS representatives covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in areas including education and training.
  • Leadership Faculty – Our Leadership faculty facilitate bespoke Leadership programmes for Healthcare Scientists to enhance their understanding of the complexity and interconnectedness of healthcare teams, organisations and systems. , The programmes interweave theory and practice to give participants the perspectives and skills to genuinely support, manage and lead change in their complex work environments.

Accredited Register Collaborative

The AHCS belongs to the Accredited Registers Collaborative, which is made up of organisations who, like the AHCS, are accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

The aim of the Accredited Registers Collaborative is to provide a forum for exchanging views and sharing ideas between all Accredited Registers.

The Accredited Registers Collaboration’s objectives are:

  • To support the core principles and values of the Accredited Registers Programme and disseminate them to wider audiences
  • To encourage and facilitate communication between Accredited Registers and to support communication between Accredited Registers and external audiences
  • To put forward the collective views of Accredited Registers to the Professional Standards Authority, Government Departments and other relevant health organisation stakeholders on matters relating to the Accredited Registers Programme and its relationship to the quality of health care and practice delivered by registrants.

Information Sharing Protocol

The Academy for Healthcare Science has signed up to the Accredited Registers Information Sharing Protocol, which has been developed jointly by the Accredited Registers Collaborative and PSA to guide information sharing among Accredited Registers.

The specific purpose of the protocol is to set out a framework for holders of Accredited Registers (“ARs”) to participate in an alerts system by which they will share information so as to support Mutual Recognition of outcomes of disciplinary proceedings that lead to removal from an AR .

The protocol applies to all the signatory organisations being ARs within the United Kingdom.

Read the Information Sharing Protocol here.

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