What We Do

We were established as the senior council to provide a high level strategic discussion forum on healthcare policy, scientific leadership and horizon-scanning of issues that may affect the whole of the Healthcare Science workforce:

Our Mission Statement:

The Council shall:

  • Provide a forum for senior representatives from the Healthcare Science professional bodies to collaborate on issues relating to the Healthcare Science workforce.
  • Work together to develop strategic plans and position statements on areas/topics which affect the Healthcare Science workforce.
  • Work alongside the AHCS Management Board to develop and implement strategies to raise the profile of the contribution of Healthcare Scientists within the health system.

The Professional Bodies Council Responsibilities include:

The Council shall:

  • Develop an information-sharing platform to discuss issues relevant to Healthcare Science.
  • Use the collective intelligence of the group to horizon-scan for potential areas likely to affect Healthcare Science.
  • Respond to consultations on issues which may have relevance to Healthcare Science and its workforce.
  • Develop a financial plan for the Council.
  • Articulate and agree a work programme for the Council.
  • Award Honorary Fellowships of the AHCS in line with the agreed Policy.
  • Undertake succession planning for the role of AHCS President.
  • Other functions as may be requested of the Council and/or Management Board and as agreed by the Council.
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