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How We Handle Concerns

Once your completed AHCS Complaint & Concern Form has been referred to the Regulation Team, we will acknowledge receipt of your concern within 28 days and provide you a copy of  AHCS Fitness to Practise Procedure. This procedure sets out how concerns are handled in detail, along with the potential stages in handling an initial concern which may proceed to a full Fitness to Practise hearing.

Fitness to Practise Procedure and associated Policies and Guidance

The Current FtP procedure, along with the following associated policies and guidance was implemented in October 2023. These can be accessed via the links below:

AHCS Fitness to Practise Procedure

Fraudulent Entry Procedure

Interim Orders Guidance

Sanctions Policy

Realistic Prospect Test Guidance

Publications Guidance

Warnings Guidance

Accepted Outcomes Guidance

We will also take into account our published Standards of Proficiency and Good Scientific Practice when dealing with Fitness to practise concerns.

The concern will then be passed to the Registrar who in the first instance will assess the concern to see if it is something we can investigate. A full description of what we do when we receive a concern can be found in the AHCS Fitness to Practise Procedure.

If your concern is not something we are able to investigate we will write to you to explain why and will try to direct you to another organisation that may be able to assist.

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