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The Main Career Levels in Healthcare Science

Career Level Role Activities Education and Training Route
Assistant Undertake clearly defined task and protocol based, high volume, low risk activities. Training through workplace based structured training and Apprenticeships Apprenticeships, NVQs (or equivalent) underpinned by an awards and qualifications framework
Associate Undertake more advanced and complex high volume low risk investigative tasks. Training through workplace training and Foundation degree Foundation Degrees, Apprenticeships and NVQs (or equivalent) underpinned by an awards and qualifications framework
Practitioner Apply technology, in the delivery & reporting of quality assured tests, investigations & interventions. Activities outlined in ‘protocols -uses judgements & deals with ambiguity. Training through Practitioner Training Programme (PTP). Read more about the role of Practitoners PTP (Practitioner Training Programme) – undergraduate degree with clinical placement
Clinical Scientist Complex scientific and clinical roles. High risk, low volume activities which require highly skilled staff able to exercise clinical judgement about complex facts and clinical situations. Training through Scientist Training Programme (STP) STP (Scientist Training Programme) – postgraduate degree (Masters-level) with clinical placement
Consultant Clinical Scientist In-depth, highly complex role. Similar to medical consultant role as requires clinical judgement, scientific expertise, leadership and dealing with uncertainty in direct patient care. Training through Higher Specialist Training (HSST) programme HSST (Higher Specialist Scientific Training) at doctorate level

The Education, Training and Career Pathway for Healthcare Science

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