How to apply

Before you start your Register application, you must have:

  1. Been accepted on the CRP Directory,
  2. Read guidance documents to ensure you meet the criteria to join.
  3. Discussed your application with you line manager.
  4. Read the Clinical Research Practitioners Guidance documents

If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria to apply, you will find these documents useful:

The following documents are required for the Portfolio section of the application:

*As part of a continuous improvement approach, we have taken the opportunity to improve clarity within the application process by configuring a single document template for capture of both documented assurance and line manager confirmation. The previous templates will be retired and replaced with the single merged document. At the present time and until further notice, applications incorporating the previous templates, or the new template will be accepted by AHCS.


Your line manager’s signature confirms that:

  • You are working to a competency framework or equivalent evidenced based approach to knowledge and skills development **
  • You have discussed and appraised your practice development with a statutory registered healthcare professional.
  • You have completed the required statutory/mandatory training,
  • You have a current DBS Certificate and English Language proficiency.

**If no competency framework or equivalent evidence based approach to knowledge and skills development has been used in your development, your manager may wish to use one of the available competency frameworks, and/or the NIHR Integrated Workforce Framework (IWF) Resources to enable a structured and evidence-based approach to identifying areas of skills development as well as appraisal of achievements and progress already made.


The documented assurance of practice development section of this template allows for documentation of:

  1. The practice development conversation with a statutory registered health professional (this could be your line manager if they are part of a statutory registered profession or include a member of your team who is part of a statutory register),
  2. Two pieces of feedback,
  3. Evidence of observation of communication skills.

In addition to the portfolio, you will also need to upload a current Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certificate and evidence of level 6 educational attainment. A change of name certificate may also be required if your qualification is awarded is a previous name.

The information in your CRP Register account will be held in line with AHCS Privacy and Legal Policy. A data sharing agreement exists between the NIHR Clinical Research Network and the AHCS for the purpose of understanding more about the CRP workforce and informing future developments.

What happens next

Once you have submitted your application, the administration team will check it and a non-refundable payment will be taken. Some application routes also require an evaluation by a professional assessor. If your application is to be evaluated by the assessor, you will be notified of this via email. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, we will contact you via email telling you what you need to do, you then have 28 days to make the changes. If you need longer, please get in contact.

Successful applications

Once the checks have been made, if your application is successful,  we will notify you via email on the day your registration is effective and tell you how to access your certificate. Please download your certificate as soon as possible, as it will updated on an annual basis on the completion of your registration renewal.

We also publish your title, name, specialism and geographic location on the applicable part of the publicly available Accredited Register Except in exceptional circumstances;

For further information on the Registration process please see The AHCS Registration Rules

Unsuccessful applications

Your application may be unsuccessful if, following assessment, we believe you do not meet our standards of proficiency or our health and character requirements. Your application can only be assessed based on the information you provide with your form.

If your application is not successful, one of our administration team will contact you via email with an explanation. You can appeal against the assessment decision within 28 days of the date on the rejection email.   For an overview of the process, please see Registration Appeals process diagram below. For further information please see Registration Appeal Rules.

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