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What We Investigate

AHCS investigate concerns about a registrant’s Fitness to Practise objectively and independently. Fitness to practise (FtP) is where a Registrant has the necessary skills, knowledge, character and health to do their job safely and effectively.

Fitness to practise is not just about professional performance, it also includes acts by a Registrant which may affect public confidence in the Registrant and their profession.  A Registrant’s fitness to practise can be impaired (negatively affected) on one or more of the following grounds:

  1. Misconduct
  2. Lack of competence
  3. Physical or mental health
  4. A determination by another professional regulatory body
  5. A criminal conviction or caution in the UK for a criminal offence, or a conviction elsewhere for an offence which, if committed in the UK, could constitute a criminal offence.

Anonymous concerns will not normally be accepted for investigation into FtP, unless it is possible to gather corroborating evidence.


Fitness to Practise Procedure and associated Policies and Guidance

The Current FtP procedure, along with the following associated policies and guidance was implemented in October 2023. These can be accessed via the links below:


AHCS Fitness to Practise Procedure

Fraudulent Entry Procedure

Interim Orders Guidance

Sanctions Policy

Realistic Prospect Test Guidance

Publications Guidance

Warnings Guidance

Accepted Outcomes Guidance

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