Maintaining Registration

Renewal of registration is required annually, and you will be notified in advance via email. Please check the Registration Fees page for details of the renewal fee.

To complete your renewal, you will need to:

  • Reconfirm or update your training details – add any new information on training courses taken and dates of completion
  • Reconfirm or update your immunisation status – add details of any new immunisations received
  • Reconfirm or update your status in relation to any criminal background checks undertaken (Tiers 2 & 3 only)
  • Reconfirm your statement of good character.

Your photo should be renewed 10 years after the date of first registration and at the same frequency thereafter.

The following documents are useful to refresh your memory about the process:

  • Registration Rules – sets out rules applicable to all AHCS registers
  • How to be a good Registrant – this provides comprehensive information on the registration process, including details on recommended immunisations, criminal background checks and registration fees.
  • Education & Training Framework Matrix – this outlines what training is required and how it can be demonstrated.
  • Tiers – Summary of Requirements – this explains the LSI Tiers and outlines the registration requirements for each, including details on recommended immunisations and criminal background checks (note: this information is also included in the Registration User Guide).
  • Registration Photo Guidance – this sets out the details of an acceptable photo

More detailed guidance can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions  – see chapters on Registration and Requirements for Registration.

It is important to remember that the registration requirements apply throughout the year and are not being just a ‘tick box’ exercise at the time of registration.

The purpose of registration is to demonstrate ‘fitness to practise’ and to protect patients, healthcare staff and the general public whenever a registrant is present at a healthcare facility.

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