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Meet our Honorary Fellows

The Academy for Healthcare Science is proud to work with our Professional Bodies Council to present the Honorary Fellowships to those nominated for their outstanding contribution. Below you will find our current Honorary Fellows.

Our 2023 Honorary Fellows

Professor Christopher Eggett

Ruth Thomsen

Janet Monkman

Doris-Ann Williams

Dr Vishakha Tripathi

Dr Catherine Moore

Dr Bernard Croal

Dr Rob Orford

Carol Fleming

Adeboye Ifederu

Debra Padgett

Helena Morgan

Su Baxter

Clive Morgan

Adrian Thomas

Honorary Fellows 2023
Honorary Fellows 2023

Our 2022 Honorary Fellows


Dr Karl Sylvester

Catherine Ross

Katy Heaney

Professor Allan Wilson

Dr Sarah Pitt

David Wells

Ishbel Gal

Dr Dorothy A. Thompson

Mark Squirrell

Bamidele Farinre

Dr Emmanuel Akinluyi

Dr Sue Fergy

Joanne Young

Jane Blower

Mike Gray

Dr Michael Dolan

Dr Robert Shorten

Professor Shelley Heard

Patricia Le Rolland

Jacqui Howard.

Our 2019 Honorary Fellows

David Brettle

Elaine Cloutman-Green

Theresa Fail

Nicola Fleming

Elizabeth Hughes

Gillian Manning

Michael Scott

Michael Thomas

Fellows 2019

Our 2016 Honorary Fellows

Fellows 2016

Prof. Adrian Davis, Angela Douglas, Prof. Ann Dalton, Prof. Bernie Hannigan, Dr. Chris Gibson, Christine Morrell, Dr. David Stirling, Derek Pearson, Fiona Carragher, Geoff Lester, Dr. Gilbert Wieringa, Graham Beastall, Prof. Graham Holder, Helen Liggett, Dr. Ian Barnes, Jonathan Parsons, Karen Stewart, Dr. Keith Ison, Dr. Kerry Tinkler, Lynne Smith MBE, Mike Hallworth, Dr. Rob Farley, Sir Duncan Nichol, Prof. Sue Hill, Prof. Tony Fisher, Val Davison, Prof. Wendy Tindale

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