As an AHCS LSI registrant you are expected to abide by the LSI Standards

It is important that you read through all the documentation for each of the standards as you join the register for the first time and remain familiar with the contents in the maintenance of your registration.  Registration is a commitment to complying with these Standards. For more detailed information on the individual standards please see the sections below:

The LSI Standards

This document sets out the standards expected of a Registrant on the Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register.

The Life Science Industries National Credentialing Register allows NHS staff to interact with an individual confidently, knowing that that individual meets the professional standards required by the NHS.

We developed the Standards jointly with the NHS and Trade Associations, by considering:

  • the potential risks posed by you to NHS staff, patients and the public;
  • the professional standards expected of you by the NHS;
  • the key learning outcomes and the body of knowledge necessary for safe and effective practice by those registered;
  • the minimum standards required by you to remain fit to practise.

To be registered and to remain on the register a registrant must be able to demonstrate that they are ‘fit to practise’. By fitness to practise, we mean that someone has the skills, knowledge, character and capacity to carry out their role safely and effectively, both on their first day of registration and throughout their career interacting with the NHS and, where appropriate, the wider healthcare system.

To demonstrate fitness to practise, registrants must meet certain standards.

These include:

  • Standards of Proficiency – the basic education and training outcomes that someone must achieve before they can be registered with us;
  • Standards of Conduct – the minimum standards registrants must meet in their professional lives;
  • Standards of Continuing Personal and Professional Development – ensuring that registrants’ knowledge, skills and behaviours to carry out their roles, are up to date. For more information please access the following page: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – The Academy For Healthcare Science (

You are also advised to familiarise yourself with the Registration Rules,  the AHCS Fitness to Practise procedure and related documentation,  and the Terms and Conditions of your registration.

The Terms and Conditions of registration can be found by logging into your AHCS registration account and reading the declaration section of your application. This includes, but is not limited to, your commitments to:

  • Continuing Professional Development to keep my practise up-to-date, safe and effective; and understanding that I may be required to submit this information within 21 days, on request by the Registrar, and provide any other evidence as may reasonably be required;
  • Understanding and complying with the standards expected as a condition of registration
  • Informing the Academy for Healthcare Science of any change to the information I have provided within four weeks of the change, including, but not limited to, changes in name, home address, email address, employer and those related to my good character and health self-declaration;
  • Confirming that you are covered by professional indemnity insurance, either by my employer’s scheme or other appropriate insurance.

The following documents are also relevant to your registration:

How to be a good Registrant – explains the application process

Tiers – a summary of requirements – explains the different tier levels available to you

Photo Guidance – shows you the type and standard of photo needed for your ID badge

LSI Education & Training Framework Matrix  – gives examples of how you can evidence your training, and how it maps against each standard. Your training will guide and inform your behaviour whenever you visit healthcare facilities and are in the presence of staff, patients and the public at those facilities.

LSI Quality Assurance Framework – outlines the oversight AHCS has regarding education and training

LSI Quality Assurance Guide for Employers – outlines an Employer’s responsibility to training its staff

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