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The LSI National Credentialing Register is the culmination of extensive work between the major healthcare trade associations (ABHI; ABPI; BAREMA; BDIA; BHTA; BIVDA; MEDILINK UK), NHS England and the Academy for Healthcare Science.

The Register provides a not-for-profit registration system that has patient and public safety at its heart and secondly, a robust alternative to the issue of multiple providers of credentialing systems which creates confusion and duplication and is costly to the healthcare industry and ultimately, as a consequence, the NHS.

Current arrangements for the LSI National Credentialing Register

Until the end of 2023, companies who wished their staff to be part of the Medical Industry Association (MIA) system were required firstly be on the LSI National Credentialing Register.  Under these arrangements part of the fee invoiced by MIA was subsequently remitted to the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) who manage the LSI Register.  This remittance covered the LSI registration fee.

As of 1st January 2024, this arrangement has come to an end and companies and the Registrants who work for them   now have three options:

  • To continue being on both the LSI Register and signed up with MIA
  • To be solely on the LSI Register
  • To sign up with the MIA without also being on the LSI Register;-

Where  options  (I) and (ii) are chosen, then in relation to the functions of the AHCS as Regulator, and in the interests of Patient Safety which underpins the work of  the AHCS, it  will continue to manage the personal data of Registrants and new Applicants as a Data Controller in accordance with both the UK GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act 2018.

Where option (iii) is chosen, registrations will lapse; at that point registrants are welcome to apply to the AHCS for registration as individuals. Where registrations lapse and individuals do not wish to re-register,  personal data will be retained in accordance with the Retention and Disposal Policy of the Academy unless individual registrants choose to exercise their rights under the Data Protection Act and GDPR to the erasure of their personal data, in which case action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of the AHCS Privacy Notice.

Whichever option is chosen, it is important that Registrants understand that MIA and the LSI Register are now operating entirely independently of each other.  This means for companies that choosing the first option entails two separate transactions and two separate payments.  MIA cannot process LSI registrations, nor can AHCS deal with MIA issues.

Hopefully this is clear but if there are questions, those concerning the LSI Register should be sent to  AHCS () and those about MIA should be directed to MIA.

Information about the LSI Register is available at https://www.ahcs.ac.uk/registration/psa-accredited-register/life-science-industry/

The LSI National Credentialling Register is Professional Standards Authority accredited and provides an opportunity for individual registrants to demonstrate a commitment to Patient Safety and recognised standards through Accredited Regulation.

Information about MIA can be found at: https://www.miaweb.co.uk/

MIA is an appointment booking service which also provides training.

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