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Who We Are

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) is the single overarching body for the entire UK Healthcare Science (HCS) workforce, working alongside the healthcare science professional bodies, and also professionals from the Life Science Industry and Clinical Research Practitioners, helping to strengthen the visibility of the contribution of those workforces.

Our Aims Are:

1) To support and promote Healthcare Science, scientific and diagnostic services, and the staff working in them – speaking for the profession with one clear voice. This includes supporting and promoting the work of the specialist professional bodies within Healthcare Science and providing a forum for discussion and collaboration between these bodies.

We will do this by:

  • Hosting joint meetings across Healthcare Science, including through the Academy Council to share information, develop policy and co-ordinate activity.
  • Holding other meetings for representatives across Healthcare Science to discuss issues of common interest, such as through our Professional and Scientific Leadership Committee and other sub-committees of the Academy Governance Structure.
  • Promoting and sharing the outcome of these discussions and our other work amongst our constituent members, affiliates and with other stakeholders.
  • Promoting the clear flow of information across the Healthcare Science workforce.

2) To demonstrate the ‘one voice’ of the Healthcare Science profession by making authoritative responses to government, regulatory bodies and independent organisations with remits in health and to the media and public on generic issues, when this is appropriate.

We will do this by:

  • Identifying and researching those key upcoming issues which affect the Healthcare Science workforce, operating a ‘horizon-scanning’ process.
  • Drafting and agreeing Academy responses or submissions on policy developments or engagement.
  • Producing or facilitating agreed statements for parliament and the media on key issues.

3) To develop a coherent assured Register for Healthcare Scientists, as a step towards securing statutory registration for all people working within the Healthcare Science workforce.

We will do this by:

  • Developing an accredited Register for those groups in Healthcare Science not covered by Statutory Registration.
  • Developing and maintaining appropriate Standards of Proficiency for the Academy Register at the various career levels in Healthcare Science.
  • Delivering an appropriately-governed Fitness to Practice process to provide public assurance for the standards of Healthcare Science practise.

4) To support and recognise career development within the Healthcare Science workforce.

We will do this by:

  • Developing and managing rigorous equivalence processes for each key career level of Healthcare Science.
  • Supporting the development and recognition of Assured Practice within the key career levels of Healthcare Science.

5) To provide wider support and assurance for the education and training processes and standards across Healthcare Science.

We will do this by:

  • Quality Assuring the work of the National School for Healthcare Science.
  • Supporting the development of new Education and Training Curricula, including taking these through the HCPC Major Change process where appropriate.
  • Supporting service improvement and accreditation initiatives.

6) To strengthen the governance and internal working arrangements of the Academy and to ensure the financial sustainability of the Academy 
 for the benefit of the public.

We will do this by:

  • Implementing new governance arrangements as agreed by Board and Council.
  • Continually improving management processes and ensuring the efficient control of finances and expenditure.
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