About the Experienced Practitioner Gateway

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Education Committee has now approved the proposal to widen access to the Accredited Register to experienced CRPs who do not have a degree or equivalent education. The details of the new process can be found here .

The gateway is for experienced CRPs who can evidence a minimum of three years working at the level of practitioner and who can provide evidence of career development and experience working at practitioner level, as well as evidence of any education and learning completed.

The Gateway will remain open for a two-year period only, until January 2025 so you must apply before this date otherwise your application will not be considered.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply to the Experienced Practitioner Gateway, please refer to:

You will need to discuss your application with your line manager and colleagues to ensure you are working at the right level before starting your application.

If your Gateway application is successful, you will be able to apply to join the CRP Register, which is a separate distinct process. The Registration process is the same for CRPs who have passed through the gateway as it is for their colleagues who have level 6 qualifications.

Experienced Practitioner Gateway Panel Dates

Please see below for information regarding the upcoming Gateway panels, this information only applies if you are undertaking route two:

  • Tuesday 4th June 2024
  • Thursday 5th September 2024
  • Friday 31st January 2025

* Please note that these dates may change depending on demand for the Gateway.

For an application to be sent to panel, the applicant would need to fulfil entry requirements fully and submit their portfolio no later than 5 weeks prior to the upcoming panel date (see guidance for criteria). For instance, if you would like your application to be considered at the June panel, please submit your application no later than 20th April 2024.

Once the panel has taken place, you will hear from us within 28 days. If you receive an outcome two, you will have 28 days to amend your portfolio and resubmit. The panel with review your resubmitted application, and if passed, we will advise you.


Completing Your Application

You will need to complete and upload the following:

For further information please contact

* These local discussions and support are vital to ensure that you are at the level of experience required to join the AHCS Accredited Register for CRPs. The CRP Register is set at level 5 of the Skills for Health Career Framework to reflect the high level of experience, knowledge and responsibility required for practitioner roles, which normally require degree level education.

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