How to apply

To join any part of the Academy’s Register, you first need to create a Profile.

Within your Profile you can then apply to join the:

Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSS)


Incomplete or incorrect applications

If your application is incomplete or incorrect, a member of our administration team will notify you via email and ask you to provide further information and resubmit, including any supporting documents.

Successful applications

If your application is successful, we will:

  • publish your title, name, specialism and geographic location on the applicable part of the publicly available Accredited Register, except in exceptional circumstances;
  • send you a letter via email on the day your register is effective; and
  • send you a digital version of your registration certificate.

Rejected applications

Your application may be rejected if, following assessment, we believe you do not meet our standards of proficiency or our health and character requirements. Your application can only be assessed based on the information you provide with your form.

If your application is rejected, one of our administration team will contact you via email with an explanation. You can appeal against the assessment decision within 28 days of the date on the rejection email. If your appeal is accepted, you may reapply by submitting a new form, supporting documents and registration fee. You will need to provide the grounds for your appeal (that is, why you believe that the decision taken is wrong) and follow the Appeals Procedure.

For further information please see Registration Rules

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