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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Standards of Continuing Professional and Personal Development (CPPD) set out the minimum standards that you must meet to remain fit to practise and stay registered with.  The scheme is flexible, enabling you to maintain and develop your knowledge and skills by embedding and building upon your company’s current structures for training and appraisal.


The Standards of CPD

As a registrant, you must ensure that you continue to maintain and develop your knowledge to demonstrate your continued fitness to practise. You must:

  1. Undertake CPPD activities relevant to your role and organisation

CPPD activities could include in-service training and development, appraisal, mentoring, or reading.

  1. Undertake company mandatory training as required

This could include your company values, and industry and company codes of

practice/conduct and relevant legislation.

  1. Participate in appraisal

You must actively participate in your own appraisal/review as prescribed by your


  1. Refresh your knowledge of the Register’s Standards of Conduct

This includes Anti-bribery and Corruption policies, NHS values and behaviours, Health and Safety and relevant immunisations.

  1. Carry out product knowledge training when required

You must carry out training for any new developments in agreement with your


  1. Maintain a written record of your CPPD activities

If you are audited by us, as part of our systems to check you remain fit to practise and so be registered, you will need to submit this record and any supporting evidence which will outline how you have met the Standards of proficiency and CPPD standards.


Please see the LSI standards for more information on CPD.

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