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Equivalence exists when the outcomes of two processes are directly comparable even though the paths to achieving them are different. When equivalence is shown to exist between a new qualification and the qualification or experience an individual already has, repeated education or training becomes unnecessary.

The AHCS has developed equivalence assessment processes for Healthcare Science practitioners, scientists and higher specialist and scientists who have undertaken training, hold qualifications and/or have considerable professional experience, and who wish to show that these are equivalent to the relevant training programme accredited by the National School of Healthcare Science..

Good Scientific Practice (GSP) is a key Academy document which underpins its healthcare science register, education and training and the Equivalence process. It sets out the professional standards on which safe and good working practice is founded for all those in the healthcare science workforce.

After an extensive review process, the Academy has published an updated version of GSP. Many of the features of the 2012 publication remain including the five domains under which the standards are clustered and alignment to other key statutory documents, but there have been changes. These include greater emphasis on putting the patient at the centre of all practice, how the standards relate to the different parts of the workforce, and a removal of duplication across the domains leading to a reduction in the number of standards. As GSP is used in different contexts the revisions to the standards will need to be implemented over time and the Academy has published a timeline setting out expected deadlines.

STP Equivalence Process

STP Equivalence now includes the requirement to write a reflective piece on why becoming a Clinical Scientist is important to you, and importantly how you have demonstrated that you made the patient your first concern during the Equivalence process. This reflective piece should be no longer than 500 words and may be submitted as evidence in the Appendix to protect word count.

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