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Basit Abdul reflects on the importance of the HCS Workforce and the ongoing HCS EDI Programme

In a dynamic healthcare landscape, the Healthcare Science (HCS) workforce plays a pivotal role in delivering NHS services. The strengths of the HCS workforce in scientific, engineering, and clinical expertise, are enhanced by the rich diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives of each member of staff.

Working across more than 12 divisions and over 150 tertiary areas, the HCS workforce collaborates in multi-professional teams with other healthcare professionals. Recognising this, a 12-month duration HCS EDI Programme was launched in April 2023 in collaboration between the Academy for Healthcare Science and the NHS England Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). The programme aims to elevate EDI awareness within the HCS community, formulate a National HCS EDI Strategy and Framework, and compile a toolkit of practical resources.

The programme’s roots are embedded in the insights gathered from past research that underscored the prevalent challenges and gaps in EDI within the HCS workforce. Furthermore, it is aligned to the NHS EDI Improvement Plan published in summer last year. To bridge the gaps, the programme has embarked on various research activities and stakeholder engagements.

The programme is near its conclusion, the HCS EDI Strategy and Framework is awaiting final approvals, and the Toolkit is ready to be uploaded to the AHCS website.  Through these efforts, the programme aims to create a healthcare environment where diversity is celebrated, equity is the norm, and inclusion is a lived experience for everyone involved.

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