New BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Clinical Photography Degree at the University of Gloucester

The University of Gloucester will be adding another degree course to their umbrella of healthcare science courses as of September 2024.

Healthcare scientists are involved in 80% of all clinical decisions in the NHS. The diagnostic tests that are performed, analysed and interpreted will ensure patients have the correct diagnosis, leading to accurate treatment pathways and improvements in quality of life.

There are 3 different disciplines under Healthcare Science at the University of Gloucestershire – Clinical Photography, Ophthalmic Imaging and Vascular Science.

The University of Gloucestershire has strong links to the NHS, hospitals and clinicians, which not only shape the curriculum but also ensure the skills that are learnt are fully relevant to the workplace. This course has specifically been developed in partnership with the professional bodies and the Academy for Healthcare Science.

Students will study a variety of healthcare science topics alongside clinical placements or employment through apprenticeship. This provides invaluable experience that use work-based application of the academic course content to develop skills and boost ongoing career prospects.

For more information about the Healthcare Science courses available at the University of Gloucester, please visit their website or get in touch with Shay Gunstone –

Please see below a flipping book for BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Clinical Photography, full of information regarding the new course.

Flipping book for BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Clinical Photography