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Re-energising Medical Education: New Era, New Ways of Teaching and Learning

On behalf of the Academy of Medical Educators, we are pleased to share with you the below event that may be of interest:


Wednesday 15th June 2022

09:15 – 17:45


The Albert Hall

Conference Centre

North Circus Street




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Themed Re-Energising Medical Education: New Era, New Ways of Teaching and Learning, we are inviting participants to share creative and adaptive approaches in medical education developed during and since the COVID-19 pandemic. At our September 2021 conference Learning together for Patient Care; Fall Back; Spring Forward, we hosted a panel discussion that considered the question Backlog of Education: whose responsibility? in the context of clinicians and managers working for a pressurised service who are also trying to cope as trainers and developers of new educators. During this it became clear that many of us have developed new ideas and innovations to healthcare education – new ways of learning and new ways of teaching. The Summer conference presents an opportunity to share lessons learnt and best practice. Together we can put the pandemic behind us and move into a new era of medical education, adapting to a new normal and breathing new life into Medical Education.


The Academy of Medical Educators’ Summer conference is one of the best opportunities for educators across the health professions to come together to share good practice and the latest innovations in healthcare education, as well as for networking, academic collaboration, and professional development. In addition this year we are introducing a pre-conference dinner on the evening of 14 June as an additional networking session, we’d be delighted for you to join us. Programme and conference information will be regularly updated here: https://www.medicaleducators.org/AoME-2022


And for those involved in the leadership of PG Certificate / Diploma & Masters programmes in Medical or Healthcare Education, why not join us a day early (14 June) for the half day symposium Recognition of Excellence through Accredited Courses in Medical Education.

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