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Which Equivalence route?

The Healthcare Science workforce is at the heart of safe and effective care for patients, working across some 51 disciplines. It provides expert diagnostic advice and therapeutic care for the treatment of patients and prevention of disease.


Which Equivalence route?


Higher Specialist Scientist Equivalence (HSSE)

The HSSE route is for HCPC registered Clinical Scientists who are aiming their career pathway at Consultant level and have been working at an appropriate level for a minimum of 5 years. Applicants for HSS Equivalence submit an extended CV and detailed job description and this information is assessed by a panel of expert assessors. Successful completion of this process results in the award of the AHCS HSS Certificate of Equivalence and eligibility to apply to join the AHCS HSS Register.


Scientist Training Programme Equivalence (STPE)

This route is for applicants who have been working at the level of a Clinical Scientist for a minimum of 3 years, and can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competency equivalent to graduates of the Scientist Training Programme.  Following approval of the initial application, the applicant has  six months to produce a portfolio of evidence, assessed by a panel of Clinical Scientist assessors.   If the portfolio meets the standard the applicant will progress to an interview. If this interview confirms equivalence, the applicant will be awarded the AHCS Certificate of Equivalence and is then eligible for registration with HCPC as a Clinical Scientist.


Practitioner Training Programme Equivalence (PTPE)

This route is for applicants who wish to join the Academy’s Healthcare Science Practitioner register.  Once the initial application is approved, the applicant has six months to produce a portfolio of evidence in which the applicant must demonstrate that there has been an adequate period of supervised clinical training in the duties and responsibilities of a Healthcare Science Practitioner (HCSP). The assessment is undertaken by a panel of HCS assessors, and if successful the applicant will be granted equivalence to a graduate of the PTP programme and will be eligible for entry onto the AHCS Healthcare Science Practitioner Register.


Certificate of Competence (CoC)

This route is for Healthcare Science Practitioners where there is no equivalent PTP programme.  Applicants will complete their application and an assessment is made of their evidence of competence against the published Standards of Proficiency. The Academy believes that such competence can be gained through a combination of appropriate qualifications and experience by providing evidence of skill and competence gained in the workplace. The evidence is then assessed by a panel of HCS assessors, who will recommend a Certificate of Competence if successful. This certificate will allow registration on the Academy’s Healthcare Science Practitioner Register.


The time taken for these routes can vary.  The type and quality of evidence provided to support the application is key to how successfully the application progresses.


Further information on these routes can be found at on the website.

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