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Application for Funded Scientist Training Programme Equivalence

Health Education England’s National School of Healthcare Science and the Academy for Healthcare Science are delighted to announce an exciting initiative aimed at increasing the number of statutory registered healthcare scientists.

For a limited time, we are able to cover the entire cost of the AHCS STP Equivalence process (excluding final registration with the HCPC), for colleagues practising as healthcare scientists but who are not registered with the Health and Care Processions Council (HCPC).

This is a time limited offer and whilst we encourage and support all healthcare scientists to become statutory registered, priority will be given to those employed in the physiological and physical sciences. Applications are welcomed from non-HCPC registered life scientists too.

Applications must be submitted using this form and be accompanied by a short CV including details of your career to date, your roles and responsibilities; your education and training; professional body membership or statutory regulation, and any publications that you have contributed to. This might be empirical research, audits or service developments, conference presentations.

Your application form and CV should be sent to by Friday 12 March 2021.

Please note, we recognise that applicants will have a variety of relevant qualifications and experience. You do not need to possess a Masters level qualification to be considered for STP Equivalence. However, the evidence presented must demonstrate that you have a comparable level of knowledge, skills and competence to a trainee successfully completing the Scientist Training programme.

The AHCS does not prescribe a specific length of training to confer equivalence, although applicants should note that graduates from the Scientist Training programme complete three years of Masters level (Level 7 ) education, including a minimum of 90 weeks integrated workplace training.  It is unlikely that periods of experience substantially less than this will be deemed adequate for an application for equivalence.

For further information about STP Equivalence process please visit: https://www.ahcs.ac.uk/equivalence/equivalence-guidance/

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