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The Learning Hub – Catalogues are coming soon

The Learning Hub is a new digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of resources that are pertinent to education and training in health and care. Organisations and users can contribute and share resources for those in health and care to access.

The Learning Hub team is currently working on the development of catalogues, which will enable organisations to have their own area on the Learning Hub; offering a home page with branding capability and a place for resources to be made available under an organisation’s own identity. An organisation can also nominate users to administer their catalogue. The first release of catalogues will be available soon and enhanced with more functionality over time, in line with the agile, iterative development of the platform.

The Learning Hub team has been driving designs forward by conducting user research on all new features, including catalogues. A key consideration in all research sessions is to ensure a broad range of roles and organisations are represented from across the health and care sectors.

The research sessions on catalogues focussed specifically on how the Learning Hub could present the resources contributed by each organisation, and what users understood of the relationships between the contributed resources and how they appear on the Learning Hub. The feedback received from the sessions is vital to ensure catalogues are developed in line with user needs and can be utilised to their maximum potential.

The London Training Hubs are planning to utilise catalogues and are looking forward to the release of the catalogue feature. Abigail Waite, Project Manager in Health Education England’s London Primary Care Team, said:

“We’re looking forward to Training Hubs in London being able to have their own pages within the collaborative space on the Learning Hub, so they can retain their distinct local offers, whilst benefitting from oversight of others’ approaches.”

Come and take a look at what the Learning Hub has to offer and how this could support your organisation in sharing learning resources: https://learninghub.nhs.uk

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about your organisation having a catalogue on the Learning Hub, contact the Learning Hub team: enquiries@learninghub.nhs.uk.

For more information about the Learning Hub follow us on Twitter: @HEE_TEL and visit our blog to read about our journey so far.

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