The Critical Care Scientist facing COVID-19.

Message from Dave Edwards,
Lead Critical Care Scientist, Manchester NHS FT
Prof Bodies Council member AHCS.
Society of Critical Care Technologies

To add to the everyday challenges of working on the front line in the Critical Care environment, the arrival of a highly contagious and virulent virus is thrown into the mix. The effect of which is to present the whole multidisciplinary Critical care team with the challenge of increasing the number of available Critical Care beds, often into areas that are not designed for the purpose of managing patients with multi organ failure or utilising the life support systems that are essential to supporting the sickest patients in any hospital.

Despite the challenges of acquiring more equipment, consumables, drugs and staff; hospitals are finding ways of escalating their Critical care capabilities many fold. All this while maintain the highest level of care and managing the potential spread of the virus within the close confines of the Hospital environment.

With limited numbers and often extended hours, the Critical Care Scientists are taking up the challenge of providing expert patient care, clinical, scientific and technical advice; along with training and troubleshooting services that are assisting the multi-disciplinary team managing an unprecedented period of intense service expansion in caring for the critically ill.