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The AHSN Network announces the launch of life sciences industry professional registration

A new national register has been launched to provide NHS organisations with assurance that industry partners have been assessed and approved against a national framework prior to giving them access to NHS premises.

The AHSN Network has been working with NHS England and industry partners to develop a system for managing life sciences industry personnel access to NHS care settings – a process referred to as ‘credentialing’.

This has resulted in the development and launch of a new Life Science Industry (LSI) credentialing register, approved by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

Setting out national standards, the register will ensure the safety of NHS patients and staff and maximise quality and efficiency of interactions between the NHS and industry partners.

NHS England has formed an Implementation Group to support the launch and roll out of the accredited LSI register across the country.

Professor Mike Hannay, Chair of the AHSN Network, said:  “Individual Trusts and the wider NHS will benefit from using a single, national register that is transparent, practical and proportionate.  This process of ‘credentialing’ will help Trusts to manage risk and keep cost and bureaucracy to a minimum.  External partners from the life sciences industry have also welcomed the accreditation scheme as this will streamline access to sites and support effective working relationships with the NHS.”

The Implementation Group is recommending that NHS Trusts ensure life sciences industry personnel can demonstrate they are LSI register accredited before being granted access to NHS premises, employees or equipment and that Trusts embed this requirement as part of their standard governance and safeguarding arrangements.

The register is free to use by the NHS and is funded, on a not-for-profit basis, by industry subscriptions. Robust, independent governance is assured through Professional Standards Authority regulation.

Further details on PSA accredited registers can be found at https://www.professionalstandards.org.uk/what-we-do/accredited-registers

Further information on the Life Science Industry credentialing register can be found at https://lifescienceindustry.co.uk/

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