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Northern HSC Trust biomedical scientists win major award for reducing cancer test waiting times

Two biomedical scientists from Northern HSC Trust are the winners of the The Department of Health award for transforming the workforce, part of the Advancing Healthcare awards programme in Northern Ireland. Ian Clarke and Elaine Donald Magill, advanced biomedical scientist dissectors, won the award for their project in which four advanced biomedical scientist (BMS) dissectors undertook additional training to dissect the cancer specimens and test them, therefore freeing up time for consultant pathologists. Not only did this prove to be very cost effective and produce a more rapid diagnosis for patients, the enhanced role improved job satisfaction.

The judges thought this had great potential to be scaled up across the region. It provided a real opportunity to advance health care.

Ian and Elaine received their awards from, Charlotte McArdle, DoH chief nurse, at the celebratory dinner at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Wednesday 18 October 2017, hosted by BBC presenter Jo Scott. This awards programme was instigated by the Department of Health in 2014, with the aim of encouraging innovation, team working, new ways of delivering care and the highest standards of practice.

Nearly 60 entries from AHPs and healthcare scientists from all over Northern Ireland were received. Hazel Winning, AHP Lead Officer, DoH comments: ‘This year’s awards programme has shown so effectively how AHPs and healthcare scientists are contributing to improving patient care and to delivering quality services that our population in Northern Ireland deserve.’

Along with the Department of Health, the awards supporters include the Public Health Agency, Health and Social Care Board, the HCS Leadership Centre, Macmillan, Seating Matters, the Belfast HSC Trust, Ulster University and many of the professional organisations.

This awards programme for Northern Ireland is organised by Chamberlain Dunn, the creators of the UK-wide Advancing Healthcare awards for allied health professionals and healthcare scientists.

For further information, go to www.advancinghealthcareni.co.uk

Or call Alison Dunn on 020 8334 4500;

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