Tax Relief on Registration Fees

Tax Relief on Registration Fees

We are pleased to announce that on 8th September, the Academy for Healthcare Science received approval from the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs under Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003, with effect from 6th April 2017.

This means that the Academy’s name will appear in the list of approved bodies on Gov.UK (“List 3”) and registrants may obtain a deduction against income tax for their annual fees.

There may be a short delay before the approved list is updated on Gov.UK.  If you wish to obtain a deduction before this happens, you should explain when contacting HMRC that the Academy has only recently been approved and quote the reference T1644/24/2017.

Please note:

  • The tax relief is only available against fees paid since April 2017 and cannot be backdated.
  • If your employer has reimbursed you for your fees, or has paid them on your behalf, you cannot claim a deduction.

The following link provides guidance for Employees on claiming back tax against expenses:

The following link provides guidance for Employers covering the cost of employees’ subscriptions and professional fees:

If you have any questions about this, please email