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Academy for Healthcare Science Celebrates Honorary Fellowship Awards


On 18th July 2016 the Academy for Healthcare Science celebrated their Honorary Fellows at an award ceremony in London.

The Fellowships have been set up to celebrate the achievements of twenty-seven Healthcare Scientists from across a range of fields who have contributed to the Academy’s aims and objectives – to ensure that Science and Healthcare Science continue to be recognised as the fundamental blocks of the Health and Care system, and in doing so continue to protect patients.

Dr Brendan Cooper, President, Academy for Healthcare Science, stated in his address to the Fellows that, “You have provided the high quality scientific and technological services, trained the staff of today and the future, and delivered the excellence that makes a difference to our patients every day!

As Fellows, you will act as the balance and check of the Academy Council and will help to strongly support our One Voice for Healthcare Science and more importantly to act as ambassadors and beacons of excellence.

The AHCS Honorary Fellowship is principally for recognition of the many contributions you have made to the formation, development, running and standards of the Academy”.

In their new role as Fellows, they will be able to  promote Healthcare Science, and champion, “One Voice” on relevant issues for Healthcare Science.

The Academy for Healthcare Science was set up explicitly to deliver The Certificate of Attainment and The Certificate of Equivalence for the Scientist Training Programme, as well as the Equivalence and Registers for those groups outside statutory regulation.

Their One Voice function addresses and promotes the need for one uniting voice of the diverse UK Healthcare Science Workforce, working alongside a range of specialist professional bodies to bring together a wide range of Scientific disciplines.

The President closed his speech by asking the new Fellows to frame their certificates, “…and place them prominently in your workplace to demonstrate not just your own achievement, but also to demonstrate the large family of healthcare expertise that our Academy represents”.

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