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Higher Specialist Scientist Register Update – Assessor Vacancies & Join the Equivalence Waiting List

There has been great success in the development of the Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSSR) Equivalence route, with the early implementers programme fully-subscribed and a waiting list for the formal launch of the route next year.


The Academy successfully launched the HSSR Equivalence route Early Implementers Programme in August 2015. Twenty-nine applicants were accepted onto the programme with a further 22 joining a waiting list for the planned launch of the HSSR next year.

Recruitment of lay and professional assessors commenced in August 2015. Following a first assessor training event in October 2015 assessor recruitment and training continues; further sessions are planned for the 9th December 2015 and 13th January 2016. Evaluation of the first training event was positive and the team is working to further develop the training materials. This will include the use of an integrated pod cast and slide set which will be tested by those assessors attending training on the 9th December.

To date Stage 1 applications have been submitted and a staged process to allocate each applicant to three assessors (1 lay chair; 2 professional) is on-going. Applicants who are judged to meet the Standards of Proficiency in Stage 1 will be awarded the Certificate of Equivalence. Those judged to have demonstrated that they may meet the Standards of Proficiency will be asked to submit a Stage 2 full portfolio.

The IT system that underpins the equivalence routes to the PTP register and HCPC Clinical Scientist register (STP equivalence) has been extended to include the HSS register and applicant, assessor and project team feedback is shaping modifications to that programme.

The HSSR Early Implementers Programme is scheduled to run until the end of March 2016. The Academy has commissioned an evaluation of the Early Implementers Programme; the evaluation report will be submitted at the end of March 2016 and presented to the Academy Board. The recommendations from the report will inform the formal launch of the Equivalence process anticipated to commence in Spring 2016.

For further information or if you would like to train to become an assessor or join the waiting list to apply to join the HSSR equivalence route please contact:

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