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Call for examples: Healthcare scientists in the community

The CSO Team in England has issued a call for examples of Healthcare Science services working outside hospital settings as part of the developing work around new models of care.

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The team are gathering information and case studies  to set out the breadth of Healthcare Science activity and the services currently provided. They are particularly interested to hear from professionals:

  • providing extended services in the community
  • supporting others to provide services in  GP Practices
  • working with the ambulance service
  • developing self-testing / self-management
  • working on Point-of-Care and near-patient testing initiatives

or indeed any other examples of innovative practise and service design.

The Five Year Forward View has set out a clear direction of travel for the NHS. Healthcare scientists have a vital role to play in redesigning care and service provision with the diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific services we provide. The aim of the project is  to promote the services  the profession is providing in Primary Care and the community to the wider NHS to ensure that Healthcare Science expertise is at the centre of any new models of care that emerge.

Helen Liggett, from the CSO Team, is asking at first instance for Healthcare Scientists to send her a simple outline of the services and activities they are delivering by email her at Helen.Liggett@srft.nhs.uk. She will then be back in touch to delve deeper and potentially develop case studies to promote these Healthcare Science teams.

Helen is also looking to set up a national network of service transformation champions to help spread best practise – again contact Helen.Liggett@srft.nhs.uk if you would like to be involved.

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