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Update on the development of the Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSSR)



Higher Specialist Scientist Register (HSSR)
The HSSR is on track for opening during 2015.

A process of Equivalence is available at all career stages of the Modernising Scientific Careers Framework.  There will therefore be a route onto the HSSR via Equivalence to demonstrate that previous training, qualifications and experience reflect the outcomes of Higher Specialist Scientist Training. Since the Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) programme takes five years to complete, in the immediate future Equivalence will be the sole route onto the HSSR.


The AHCS will be looking for early implementer Equivalence applicants shortly, to test and finalise the Equivalence process. Details will be made available via the Academy’s website. The proposed process will involve an initial application with a full Curriculum Vitae, certificates and referees.


There will be three possible outcomes:

  1. Equivalence to HSST has been demonstrated and a Certificate of Equivalence is recommended.
  2. Additional evidence is required.
  3. Equivalence has not been achieved.

The guidance and handbook for making an initial application / full portfolio will be finalised after the early implementer phase.


Discussions with the PSA have taken place and we will be applying for a ‘Notification of Change’ to extend the scope of our PSA Accredited Register to include a new HSSR part, as previously described. Discussions with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) have also taken place to lay the foundation for a shared, coherent approach to all fitness to practise issues.

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