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Action needed to help NHS staff speak up on safety concerns

Sir Robert Francis has published the  Freedom to Speak Up Report, setting out the 20 Principles and Actions for change following his independent review into creating an open and honest reporting culture in the NHS

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The Report – to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt – sets out the principles and actions for change to deal with the ongoing problem in the NHS, where staff are deterred from speaking up when they have concerns and can face shocking consequences when they do. As part of the review process more than 600 people shared their experiences with the review and over 19,000 staff responded to an independent online survey.

The principles and actions are designed to:

  • promote a culture in the NHS where staff feel safe and encouraged to speak up
  • make sure all concerns are heard, investigated properly and the right support is on hand for staff
  • protect vulnerable groups, such as student nurses and medical trainees, from intimidation
  • prevent discrimination against people who have been brave enough to speak up and help them get back into work.

The full report, and executive summary, are available on the Freedom to Speak Up website.

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