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HEE: Make sure your job role is properly coded to ensure healthcare science is recognised

The Chief Scientific Officer has issued an update on the progress of workforce recoding – so that all Healthcare Science posts are properly recorded and recognised within the NHS – and the impact this has on workforce planning. The note is issued on behalf of Health Education England.

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Workforce Recoding

In England, about 85% of Healthcare Science staff have now been put on the new ‘U’ job codes, ensuring their professional role is properly recognised (The figure is more than 99% in Wales). However there are some parts of the country where the number is much lower than this. It is important that this work is completed as soon as possible to ensure that Healthcare Scientists are properly recorded in the annual NHS Survey.

All scientists are asked to check with the HR department of their organisation to make sure their post has been properly recoded.

Specific guidance on Healthcare Science recoding is available through the Health and Social Care Information Centre website.

Workforce Planning

The new coding system will help Health Education England (HEE) to plan better to ensure that the NHS has the right number and balance of Healthcare Scientists to meet need. Each year HEE issues a five-year forward plan to the 13 LETB (Local Education and Training Board) across England.

Organisations, Professional Bodies and Individuals are asked to let HEE know if there are significant changes in their area to help to inform this plan. This information should be supplied via a template on the HEE website

Download the template and read further workforce planning guidance.

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