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National Cardiac Physiology review wants to hear issues from frontline service

A national Cardiac Physiology review is being led by the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology and the British Cardiovascular Society. They want to hear examples of good practise and issues from frontline services.

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Cardiac physiology services are crucial to delivering the improved treatment and care outlined in the Department of Health’s Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes strategy.

A Strategic Review is underway to inform NHS England and other parts of the new health and care system of how cardiac physiology services can drive the implementation of this strategy. This includes:

  • Identifying technological advances and the implications for future care
  • Investigating models of service delivery
  • Identifying the workforce, education and training support that is needed for cardiac physiology services to meet their potential
  • Reviewing the quality and assurance of cardiac physiology services to develop a quality framework for cardiac physiology services

The Review is led by Dr Iain Simpson, President of the British Cardiovascular Society and supported by Su Baxter, Chair of the Society for Cardiological Science and Technology. The Review is driven through three working groups – covering workforce, service models, and quality and commissioning. Each group is jointly chaired by a cardiac physiologist and a consultant cardiologist.

The Review will produce a final report to NHS England by March 2014, with recommendations for the Domain One Director (responsible for the reducing mortality workstream), the Chief Scientific Officer, and the National Clinical Director for Heart Disease. Interim findings will be produced for discussion across the clinical community early in 2014.

The Review team wants to hear from cardiac physiologists and others working in and around cardiac physiological services and particularly wants to hear your examples of good practise.  For more information about the review and to contribute, go to www.cardiacphysiologyreview.org.uk



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