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The timetable for implementing the Academy's Register

Further details of the steps and dates involved in implementing the Academy’s Register, including development of registration standards (updated Dec 2013)

We can now set out the proposed sequence of steps and dates in the process to implement the Academy’s practitioner register.

While the Academy remains committed to statutory registration as the ultimate destination for Healthcare Science, we regard the development and implementation of an Accredited Voluntary Register as an important first step to reaching this goal.  As such, we will need to work within the systems and guidance of the PSA (the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care) – the body which both accredits voluntary registers and oversees the bodies providing statutory registers.

Throughout this process we intend to work closely with the professional bodies, existing voluntary registration bodies and wider Healthcare Science community to ensure we’re rooting this work in current practise.  As part of this we intend to hold some events during the consultation process to ensure we’re properly engaging with the Healthcare Science community. We will also be in discussions with the PSA to ensure that we comply with their requirements as the proposals develop.




Mid Nov – Final draft of standards prepared for internal review by AHCS team
27 Nov – Draft standards cleared for consultation by AHCS Board
1 Dec – Consultation starts on draft standards for AHCS register
December on  – communications through professional bodies to promote the consultation
Dec on – Start discussions with the PSA  on their requirements for the operation and governance of the register



28 Feb – End of consultation period
Early April – Finish analysis of consultation responses
April – Submission of application for approval to the PSA
Summer 2014 (subject to PSA approval) – full Academy Register goes live



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