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Omittance from the Register in exceptional circumstances statement

One of AHCS’s fundamental aims is the promotion of patient safety by minimising the risk to those who receive care by registered practitioners. As part of this function, a key responsibility is to maintain and publish a visibly accessible register of suitably qualified clinical professionals. This includes the names of all current registrants who have successfully completed the application process and those maintaining their registration through fulfilling the requirements of annual renewal.

On application to the PSA Accredited AHCS Register, individuals are asked to agree to the terms of Registration as outlined in the Declaration Section of the Registrant Portal (see Appendix A). There are however extraordinary circumstances when omission from the public register can be agreed by the Registrar. This is specified in Paragraph 7 of the Registration Rules, which states:

The details of every registrant who meets the standards and requirements for registration will be published on the register unless there are exceptional circumstances which could affect the safety of the registrant or put the registrant at risk in some way”.

The request for omittance from the Register could be but not limited to, the following reasons:

The Registrant may:

  • be on a Witness protection programme
  • has previously served in the armed forces and has security concerns
  • has previously been the victim of harassment
  • has previously been a victim of domestic abuse

Requests to be omitted from the public register, must be submitted to the Registrar in writing for consideration via the following email address:  .

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