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AHCS Healthcare Science Register

The AHCS Accredited Register is provided to allow anyone to check whether an individual Healthcare Science professional has been assessed successfully and remains as competent against the standards.

You can search the register either by individual name, location or specialty by completing the relevant fields and then pressing the search button.

You will be able to view the decisions taken by the Fitness to Practise Panels and Interim Orders Panels here at Actions and Sanctions.

Sanctions will also be clearly noted against a registrant’s entry on the Accredited Register.

Please note a registrant may hold dual registration with statutory or other voluntary registration bodies.

A registrant may also practice independently and have their own website.

ARTP Spirometry Register

The ARTP Spirometry Register is the list of practitioners and operators who have demonstrated their competence in spirometry.

This Register will ensure that commissioners, employers, and patients can be assured that healthcare staff performing and/or interpreting diagnostic spirometry hold a valid, current certificate of competence.

The Register will list individuals’ names according to whichever category of certification that person has achieved.

What doesn’t the Register show?

The Register does not show individual qualifications, seniority, or skill levels. It does not display a home or work address. The information displayed is intended only to allow you to check that a professional is registered.

Registrants who have been struck off as a result of a fitness to practise hearing will not appear in the online Register. You can find more information about cases here Actions & Sanctions.


Accessing the Register

If you are concerned that a professional is not registered, you can contact our Registration Administrator.

Anyone can use our Register to check whether a healthcare scientist is registered with us:

Check Online
Our online Register is a fast, efficient, reliable and free way of checking the registration of a healthcare scientist. Click the button above to check the online Register.

Over the phone
If you do not have access to the internet, you can call our Registration Administrator on 01455 244640 who can check the Register for you.

By email

Contact our Registration Administrator on