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AHCS President: Christmas Message 2018

19 December, 2018

Well, unbelievably, 2018 is drawing to a close and from a meteorological point of view it was an astonishing year with multiple waves of Arctic blast from the “Beast in…

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Genomics Specialist Careers: meet the workforce

16 November, 2018

Genomics Specialist Careers: meet the workforce What is a clinical bioinformatician? Are clinical geneticists doctors? What does a genetic counsellor do? Find out about these essential roles in HEE’s new…

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Mining Hidden Gems – 2018 PSEL Evaluation

1 November, 2018

The Leadership Academy, in conjunction with the Academy for Healthcare Science, has published its Practical Skills in Education and Leadership (PSEL) Evaluation Report of the four-day interactive, experiential programme that…

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