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Regulation Board

Regulation Board, chaired by Dr Joy Tweed, Non-Executive Director, is responsible and accountable for the establishment and maintenance of the Academy’s Registers and consists  of suitably qualified members, and is independently chaired and operates at arms-length from the Academy.

The core objective of the Regulation Board is to protect the public by mitigating the risks posed to service users and the public by the healthcare workforce that is regulated by and via the AHCS.

Regulation Board approves, implements and monitors the AHCS’s Regulatory Framework. The Framework sets out the overarching standards, principles, and generic policies, practices and Rules for the Register and the licensing arrangements for the Councils.

Details of Meetings of the Regulation Board

The minutes of the Regulation Board are not published. However, it is important to maintain as much transparency as possible both within and outside the Academy, so the summary will be produced and disseminated after each meeting of the Regulation Board.

  • AHCS Regulation Board Summary – 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021: Read here.
  • Regulation Board Summary Report – March 2022: Read here.
  • Regulation Board Summary Report – July 2022: Read here.
  • Regulation Board Summary Report – October 2022: Read here.
  • Regulation Board Summary – January 2023: Read here.
  • Regulation Board Summary – April 2023: Read here.

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