About The Register

The AHCS Accredited Register is currently comprised of four parts:

  • Higher Specialist Scientist (HSS) Register: a register of individuals working towards Consultant Clinical Scientist status through training or equivalence. Individuals undertake in-depth, highly complex roles, similar to a medical consultant role, requiring clinical judgement, scientific expertise, leadership and dealing with uncertainty in direct patient care. Training is undertaken through a Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) programme at doctorate level.
  • Healthcare Science Practitioner Register: a register for Healthcare Science Practitioners not covered by statutory regulation i.e. those who are not Clinical Scientists, Biomedical Scientists or Hearing Aid Dispensers.  Practitioners apply technology in the delivery and reporting of quality assured tests, investigations and interventions. The education and training route is through an approved Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) comprising an undergraduate degree with clinical placement.
  • Medical Illustrator Register: a register for individuals previously registered with the Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners (CAMIP) and who work as clinical photographers, video producers, medical artists and medical graphic designers. They provide a multi-skilled support service to those involved in patient care, teaching, education and research in the  Health Sciences.
  • Clinical Physiologist Register: a register for practising Clinical Physiologists, who have completed a recognised Clinical Physiology education programme (see the FAQs and a list of approved programmes  – other courses will be added to the approved list shortly).
    • SCST members (new and existing) currently on the RCCP register can utilise a streamlined application process to join the AHCS clinical physiology register, if they apply through the SCST Registrar (ahcsregister.scst@gmail.com). All current members of SCST need to email their name, address, current work address, RCCP registrant number and SCST number to ahcsregister.scst@gmail.com
    • SVTGBI members (Society for Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland) with current Accredited Vascular Scientist status (AVS) are eligible to join the Academy for Healthcare Science Clinical Physiology register.  Members who wish to join the register should first contact the Membership Secretary of the SVT via email: membership@svtgbi.org.uk.  The Membership Secretary will check that the AVS status is valid and securely transfer contact details to enable an account to be set up.  SVT members will then receive details from the Academy about how to complete the registration process.

Additional parts of the register are expected to be developed in the near future.

The Academy also holds Directories, which sit within its regulatory framework and shares the administrative functions and oversight.

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