Good Scientific Practice (GSP) sets out the professional standards on which safe and good working practice is founded for all those in the healthcare science workforce.  GSP also confirms to employers the standards of behaviour and practice that all members of the healthcare science workforce must be supported to achieve and maintain, both in the NHS and all other sectors and settings.

The standards are essential for all members of the workforce to perform their job role activities, provide safe, effective patient care, and demonstrate their professionalism.

After an extensive review process, the Academy has published a revised version of GSP, together with three documents which summarise the changes between GSP 2012 and GSP 2021, an implementation timeline for using GSP, and one providing further reference points.

The following links provide more detail.


Standards of Proficiency

Good Scientific Practice is complemented by specific Standards of Proficiency which apply to the roles currently included in the Academy’s Healthcare Science Practitioner register.


The Standards of Proficiency cover three areas:

  1. Professional autonomy and accountability
  2. Skills required for practise
  3. Knowledge of Healthcare Science


The following links provide details of the respective standards:

  1. Practitioner Standards of Proficiency for Healthcare Science Practitioners*
  2. Anatomical Pathology Technologists Standards of Proficiency
  3. Genetic Technologists Standards of Proficiency
  4. Ophthalmic Science Practitioners Standards of Proficiency
  5. Tissue Bank Technologists Standards of Proficiency
  6. Higher Specialist Scientist Standards of Proficiency
  7. Registered Medical Illustrators Standards of Proficiency

*Please note AHCS is publishing this interim update to the Standards of Proficiency for Healthcare Scientist Practitioners to facilitate the merging of the RCCP and AHCS Clinical Physiology part of the Register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. A fuller review of these standards will be taking place in summer/autumn 2023. There is no requirement for Academic Institutions to alter curricula in response to this update.