You may have noticed that ‘One Voice’ has disappeared from the AHCS website. The pillar of the AHCS that advises on issues relating to the Healthcare Science workforce and professional matters has now changed its identity to the ‘Professional Bodies Council’.

The Professional Bodies Council meets quarterly face to face and up to 4 more times on teleconferences and consists of senior members (Presidents & Chairs) of individual professional bodies.  This Council is the only regular opportunity where UK healthcare science professional bodies across Life Sciences, Physiological Sciences and Medical Physics and Engineering get an opportunity to interact, benchmark ideas, share information and raise issues that may affect all healthcare scientists.

Although the name has changed, the ‘One Voice’ philosophy continues through the collaboration between the numerous member organisations to ensure that a considered and united response can be presented to specific consultations in place throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Close links with all four CSO’s help to influence key decisions at a national level for the good of all Healthcare Scientists, while promoting the profession and its workforce.  There are also plans to engage with the National School for Healthcare Science as well as other healthcare professional organisations to raise the profile of our scientific professions.

This is an important time for healthcare scientists in all 4 countries as new healthcare strategies are being developed and rolled out which often involve cross-disciplinary working, where science and innovation, the bread and butter of the healthcare scientist, has so much to offer.  Having the unified support of our Professional Bodies through the ‘Professional Bodies Council’ we have a single, overarching, scientific representation on many issues.

Jim Dimond