Actions & Sanctions

The AHCS retains the details of registrants whose registration has lapsed or been cancelled, securely and confidentially for a period of seven years as a means of safeguarding patients and the public.

Name: Neil Michael Wdowikowski

AHCS ID: 367

Modality / Specialism: Anatomical Pathology Technologist

Allegation: Misconduct

1. Failure to uphold the professional standards and behaviour required of an AHCS registrant.
2. Contravention of the AHCS Registration Rules.

Action / Sanction: Registration Cancelled

Effective Date: 09.03.2022

Name: Aley Imran

AHCS ID: 57571

Modality / Specialism: Clinical Physiologist (Cardiology)

Allegation: Gross Negligence and Gross Insubordination


Interim Suspension issued on 03.12.2021

Reviewed and upheld on 31.05.2023

Action / Sanction: Interim Suspension

Effective Date: 03.12.2021

Name: Kasim Ali

RCCP ID: 8311

Modality / Specialism: Clinical Physiologist (Audiology)

Allegation: Conviction


Removal Order – RCCP Registrar accepts the decision of HCPC and ratified the sanction on 18.06.2019

Action / Sanction: Registration Cancelled

Effective Date: 18.06.2019