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Pass Lists 

Education provider pass lists of courses leading to eligibility to register with the AHCS 

We require education providers to submit electronic pass lists of graduates from accredited providers to facilitate the registrant application process. If you have any questions about pass lists, please contact us on  

The application form for entry to the AHCS register requires applicants to provide details of the name of the accredited programme completed, along with the name of the education provider, and the start and end dates of their programme. We then cross reference this information against the pass list to progress their application. This process allows us to safeguard against fraudulent applications for registration. 

Submitting pass lists 

We only accept electronic versions of pass lists which have been completed using our pass list template available here . The completed pass list must only contain the details of those students who successfully completed the eligible award for registration and can be submitted to at any time throughout the year. We ask that education providers submit their pass lists as soon as practically possible to prevent any delays in registration. 

Annual monitoring of accredited programmes 

Programmes directly accredited by the AHCS are accredited on an open-ended basis and are subject to ongoing quality monitoring. Annual Monitoring is mandatory for all AHCS accredited Higher Education Providers to complete. They will need to complete the annual monitoring report relevant to each of the programmes they provide and answer all required questions.  A programme which does not participate in quality monitoring, or for which quality concerns are identified, may have its accreditation withdrawn. 

Programmes accredited on behalf of the AHCS are subject to annual monitoring by the accrediting organisation i.e., National School for Healthcare Science and the Institute of Medical Illustrators. The AHCS Head of Accreditation will request an annual report from each of these organisations as appropriate for their timescales and procedures.  

Outcomes of all quality assurance activities are reported to our Education, Training and Standards Committee (ETSC) for consideration. 

The following information applies to programmes directly accredited by the AHCS 

The AHCS annual monitoring process will run annually between October and November to collect data for the preceding academic year (e.g., A request in October/November 2024 will apply to September 2023 to August 2024).  

Accredited programmes will be exempt from completing the annual monitoring process for the first year after accreditation. 

Major Change Notification  

If there are any changes in the AHCS accredited programme during the year we advise that the changes be submitted by completing the major change notification form available here and sending to . The change notification process is always available to provide higher education providers with a space to supply details of any organisational changes in between and during periods of annual monitoring.  

The following academic modifications are regarded as ‘major’ and would require the formal approval from your organisation before implementation:  


  • A change to the programme title;  
  • A change to the programme award;  
  • A change to the length of the programme;  
  • A change of 25% or more of the aims and/or learning outcomes of a programme over the past 3 years;  
  • A change of more than 25% of the programme content over the past 3 years;  
  • A new mode of delivery and / or study e.g. introduction of a distance learning mode;  
  • A change to appropriately qualified, specialist teaching staff to support students;  
  • A review of the future delivery of your programme i.e. if going to close.  


The following practice modifications are regarded as ‘major’ and would impact on the programme’s ability to meet its clinical practice obligations:  

  • Insufficient placement capacity to ensure the development of student competency;  
  • Insufficient, appropriately qualified, supervisor availability to support students;  
  • Changes to clinical structure and/or assessments.  


The following information would also require notification to AHCS:  

  • Cohort attrition levels above 25%.  
  • Patterns of attrition levels i.e., EDI data  
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