LSI Registration Council

The operation and governance of the LSI’s Register is overseen by the LSI Registration Council.

The core objective of the Council is to protect the public by mitigating the risks posed to service users/ the public by the Healthcare Science workforce that is not regulated by statute.

These risks arise because of the highly specialised, scientific nature of diagnosis, investigations and treatment provided by the Healthcare Science workforce and because of the potential impact on the health and wellbeing of service users if diagnoses, investigations and treatment provided by the Healthcare Science workforce are not of the highest possible standard.

The detailed operation of the Regulation Council is set out in its Terms of Reference

LSI Registration Council Members


From a clinical background and possessing over 28 years’ experience in the UK/International Medical Device Industry, including 23 years’ management experience in Anaesthesia, Respiratory and Critical Care, I have a proven track record of effective engagement with key stakeholders and delivering innovation.

As Managing Director, I work in close partnership with the NHS, including the Academic Health Science Networks, as well as with numerous professional bodies and organisations. In 2008, I was awarded the “Langton Hewer Award to Industry” by the Association of Anaesthetists for Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI).

I currently serve as Chair of the Life Science Industry Registration Council, and as Chair for Barema, the Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers, representing this Association on the AAGBI Safety Committee.

I am dedicated to a positive future for the NHS, innovation and role of the Academic Health Science Networks.


Edmund is Chief Executive of the British Dental Industry Association. With 35 years’ experience and insight into the trade association environment, Edmund has a wealth of experience working with members, government, regulators and stakeholders. Having been involved in senior management, commercial, advocacy, technical, communications and marketing roles within several trade organisations he has a deep understanding of the issues that industry bodies need to address on behalf of their members and how to get results.

Responsible for establishing the dental industry’s award-winning initiative tackling counterfeit and non-compliant dental devices, introducing the sector’s Policy & Public Affairs Roadmaps and Policy Manifestos, and leading industry discussions on the development and implementation of the Medical Device Regulations and Brexit preparations, Edmund is in an ideal position to ensure that his industry’s voice is heard in changing and challenging times.

As well as holding the position of Deputy Chair of the LSI Registration Council, Edmund also sits on a number of industry and medical devices committees and groups and is the current Chair of the UK MedTech Forum.


Clive is the Head of Registration Services (Life Science Industry) for the AHCS. Having graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in psychology, Clive joined the Association of British HealthTech Industries in 1989 to work on regulatory affairs and the forthcoming Medical Device Directives. He was actively involved in setting up and running ABHI’s long-running regulatory conference, probably the premier such event in the UK, as well as several other such events over the years. In addition, he researched, wrote and edited various ABHI publications, the last of which was the ABHI Regulatory Bulletin which ran for a number of years until his departure from the association.

Clive was also responsible for overseeing publication and implementation of ABHI’s Code of Ethical Business Practice. He also led ABHI’s work setting up the industry-sponsored credentialing system, MIA, and previously was an active member of the LSI Education, Training and Standards Advisory Group and the LSI Regulation Council.


Sarah is the BHTA Director of Governance & Policy Development at the British Healthcare Trades Association and she began her career with them in 1991.

Starting as Committee Secretary, Sarah has acquired a thorough knowledge of the industry and the issues affecting member companies, their customers and professional colleagues. Sarah leads on policy development and activity in relation to the Association’s role as the self-regulator for the industry, through the BHTA Code of Practice.

She is the lead contact for members of the public and for the huge variety of miscellaneous enquiries and problems posed by all of BHTA’s contacts.

In the past, Sarah has worked for the British Institute of Surgical & Dental Technologists, the Orthotic & Prosthetic Training & Education Council, the Orthotic Education & Training Trust, and the Institution of Electrical Engineers.


Darren is the Chief Executive Officer of Medilink East Midlands , the industry support organisation for healthcare and bioscience companies based in the region. Medilink provides a range of specialist commercial services to help companies in this sector establish, develop and grow, and as a membership based organisation has many synergies with the Chamber.

Darren is a Microbiologist by original discipline and has over twenty years’ experience in the healthcare and bioscience sector. Following a brief spell at Shell Research Ltd and some time in academic research, he joined Pharmaceutical Profiles, (now part of the Quotient Group), a spin out company from the University of Nottingham. Here he had a variety of roles from Project Manager, Divisional Manager, to Business Development Manager.

Darren has been with Medilink since its incorporation in 2004. In his role as CEO, he has successfully overseen the delivery of a number of significant public sector contracts to stimulate innovation within small and medium sized enterprises.

Darren is a Non-Executive Director of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, a Trustee of the Ear Foundation and has a number of advisory and representation roles, including Chairing the Charnwood Campus Enterprise Zone Steering Committee, the Steering Committee of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Regenerative Medicine, the Strategic Advisory Group for Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Trials Unit, and the Advisory Board for the Centre for Healthcare Equipment and Technology Adoption (CHEATA) at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

In his spare time, Darren is a keen runner and has completed several marathons and half-marathons.

ANDREW CROYDON, Skills & Education Policy and Examinations Director, ABPI

A scientist and educationalist, Andrew started his career in Developmental Neuroscience research and then moved into science education and graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership. Andrew held the position of Sixth Form Director and later, Head of a Senior School before drawing on this experience when joining the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

In his current role as Director of Skills, Education & Examinations, Andrew’s responsibilities include strategic leading and driving of the UK Life Sciences skills agenda to ensure access to a skilled workforce; Director of the ABPI Professional Exam – the accredited qualification for all medical representatives working for companies who have agreed to abide by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Andrew publishes the industry’s authoritative biennial skills gap analysis, as well as reviews of industry-academic collaborations, and has been driving forward recommendations from the UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and subsequent Sector Deals.

Andrew remains passionate about workforce development and people having access to, and benefitting from, fulfilling careers in Life Sciences.