LSI Registration Council

From January 2021 the LSI Registration Council was replaced by the Regulation Board. Nicki Dill sits on Regulation Board to represent the Life Science Industry.

Nicki Dill, LSI Representative

From a clinical background and possessing over 30 years’ experience in the UK/International Medical Device Industry, including 27 years’ management experience in Anaesthesia, Respiratory, Critical Care, Pain Management and Orthopaedics.

Having been proud to serve on Barema Council for over 15 years, I currently serve as Chair, representing Barema on the Association of Anaesthetists Safety Committee, Chair of the Life Science Industry Registration Council and Vice Chair of ABHI Respiratory and Anaesthetics Group.

As Managing Director of Qualitech Healthcare Limited, I also work in close partnership with the NHS, including the Academic Health Science Networks, as well as with numerous professional bodies and organisations. In 2008, I was awarded the AAGBI “Langton Hewer Award to Industry”, in 2018, the Difficult Airway Society “Contribution to Airway Management Award” and have had four articles published in The Journal of Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia News, Safety Edition.

At the outset of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, I became closely involved with the following projects – UK Ventilator Challenge, Respiratory NIV and CPAP plus Accessories Working Group (MHRA), Decontamination of Ventilators, Iron Lung Project, COVID-19 Impact on Innovation and Research.  More recently, becoming acquainted with the invaluable work of Healthcare Ocean (formerly NHS Ocean)

In March of this year, I was very proud to have been awarded the Chairman’s Award 2023 from the Academy for Healthcare Science and I am dedicated to a positive future for the Academy and the Life Science Industry.

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