Information About Joining The Academy’s Register

Approved Routes to Registration

An application to join the register is available for individuals who have completed a UK approved education programme. These include:

    1. Accredited Practitioner Training Programmes – a full list can be found on the National School of Healthcare Science website.
    2. An AHCS Certificate of Equivalence; or
    3. An AHCS Certificate of Competence.

As well as evidence that you have successfully completed one of the approved routes to registration, you are required to provide the following additional information:

  • two references;
    • self-certification of your good character and health. We can take action against a registrant if any health condition raises concerns about their fitness to practise safely and effectively;
    • certified copies of any documentation provided to support your application, uploaded in PDF format.

Incomplete or incorrect applications

If your application is incomplete or incorrect, a member of our administration team will notify you via email and ask you to resubmit your amended application. Please ensure you resubmit your complete application, including all supporting documents.

Successful applications

If your application is successful, we will:

  • publish your title, name, specialism and geographic location on the applicable part of the publicly available Accredited Register;
  • send you a letter via email on the day your register is effective; and
  • send you a digital version of your registration certificate.

Public Register

The details of every registrant who meets the standards and requirements for registration will be publicly available on all parts of the AHCS register, unless there are exceptional circumstances which could affect the safety of the registrant or put the registrant at risk in some way.

Rejected applications

Your application may be rejected if, following assessment, we believe you do not meet our standards of proficiency or our health and character requirements. Your application can only be assessed based on the information you provide with your form.

If your application is rejected, one of our administration team will contact you via email with an explanation. You can appeal against the assessment decision within 28 days of the date on the rejection email.

If your appeal is accepted, you may reapply by submitting a new form, supporting documents and registration fee. You will need to provide the grounds for your appeal (that is, why you believe that the decision taken is wrong) and follow the Appeals Procedure .

Fraudulent applications

If you falsify information about your identity or any other aspect of your application, the Academy for Healthcare Science will suspend your application pending an investigation. If such information becomes known to us after you have been registered, an investigation will be launched and your registration may be suspended or terminated.

You may be committing a criminal offence if you supply false information or attempt to gain entry to our register by fraud and you may be prosecuted.

Your declarations

The Academy for Healthcare Science can only process your application if you have completed the declaration. The date given must be within six months of the date you send us your application form.

You should make sure that you fully understand the declaration before completing and submitting it. You may be committing a criminal offence if you provide false information in your application or attempt to procure registration by deception.

Data Protection

The Academy of Healthcare Science processes your personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998; see for further information) and the AHCS Data Protection Policy ) for the following purposes:

  • administering your application to register with the Academy of Healthcare Science and any subsequent renewals;
  • maintaining and publishing the Accredited Register;
  • ensuring that you comply with our standards;
  • monitoring equality and diversity information.

We will use the information you provide for a number of purposes which may include contacting organisations and individuals named in your application, including professional bodies, education providers, places of work and referees. We may require further documents, information or evidence for the purpose of verifying the information in and determining the application.

We collect personal information from you when you communicate with us by any media. We may also collect personal data which relate to you from third parties. We may contact you by means of electronic communication, including but not limited to email or SMS for the purposes set out above.

We will only undertake activities considered to be electronic marketing if permitted to do so by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.