AHCS Schedule of Application & Renewal Fees 2019/20

The following fees are charged by the AHCS. The fees cover the administration of the applications and registers, and are non-refundable once an application has been submitted.

AHCS ACCREDITED REGISTRATION New Application Fee Annual Renewal Fee up to 30th September 2023  Annual Renewal Fee From 1st October 2023
Higher Specialist Scientist

(HSS) Register

             £50* £50 £50
Healthcare Scientist Practitioner


             £40 £30 £40
Medical Illustrator Register              £40 £30 £40
Clinical Physiologist Register              £40 £30 £40


* The fee for new HSS Registration applications is currently waived for the first year.

Scientist Training Programme (STP) Equivalence               £380
Higher Specialist Scientist (HSS) Equivalence               £280
Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) Equivalence               £50
Certificate of Competence (COC)               £50

Tax relief on registration fees


With effect from 6 April 2017, AHCS registrants have been able to obtain a deduction against income tax for their annual registration fees. The Academy’s name appears on the approved bodies on Gov.UK (“List 3”) as ‘Healthcare Science, Academy of’

Please note:

  • The tax relief is only available against fees paid since April 2017 and cannot be backdated.
  • If your employer has reimbursed you for your fees, or has paid them on your behalf, you cannot claim a deduction.


The following link provides guidance for Employees on claiming back tax against expenses:



The following link provides guidance for Employers covering the cost of employees’ subscriptions and professional fees:



If you have any questions about this, please email registration@ahcs.ac.uk