AHCS Schedule of Application & Renewal Fees 2019/20

The following fees are charged by the AHCS. The fees cover the administration of the applications and registers, and are non-refundable once an application has been submitted.

AHCS ACCREDITED REGISTRATION Application & Annual Renewal Fee
Higher Specialist Scientist (HSS) Register              £50*
Healthcare Scientist Practitioner Register              £30
Healthcare Scientist Practitioner Register (Graduate rate)              £5
Medical Illustrator Register              £30
Clinical Physiologist Register              £30


* The fee for new HSS Registration applications is currently waived for the first year.

Scientist Training Programme (STP) Equivalence               £380
Higher Specialist Scientist (HSS) Equivalence               £280
Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) Equivalence               £50
Certificate of Competence (COC)               £50

Tax relief on registration fees


With effect from 6 April 2017, AHCS registrants have been able to obtain a deduction against income tax for their annual registration fees. The Academy’s name appears on the approved bodies on Gov.UK (“List 3”) as ‘Healthcare Science, Academy of’

Please note:

  • The tax relief is only available against fees paid since April 2017 and cannot be backdated.
  • If your employer has reimbursed you for your fees, or has paid them on your behalf, you cannot claim a deduction.


The following link provides guidance for Employees on claiming back tax against expenses:



The following link provides guidance for Employers covering the cost of employees’ subscriptions and professional fees:



If you have any questions about this, please email registration@ahcs.ac.uk