CPD Audit

The Academy monitors the CPD activities that registrants undertake for the purposes of patient safety and public confidence, and as a requirement of its accreditation with the Professional Standards Authority.

The Academy currently undertakes a CPD audit of its registrants every 2 years, similar to the Health and Care Professions Council schedule for statutory registers.

3% of all registered individuals are selected at random and asked to submit evidence of the CPD activities they have undertaken over the previous two years.  If selected, it is mandatory for the registrant to respond; a failure to provide evidence of CPD could result in individual being removed from the Register.

When a registrant is selected for CPD audit, the process is undertaken via their online account which allows for evidence to be uploaded for assessment.  Full information and guidance is available once a person logs in and selects the ‘CPD’ option, but if they have any questions they can ask the Registration Administrator for advice.

Selected registrants are asked to provide:

  1. A Summary of their Recent Work/Practice for the last two years (maximum 500 words)
  2. A Personal Statement, identifying how they have met the CPD standards, how their CPD activities improved the quality of their work and what they will do to make sure their CPD will benefit service users in the future (maximum 1500 words)
  3. A Summary of the Supporting Evidence Submitted, with a brief description of the evidence including number of pages or description of the evidence format.

Registrants selected for audit will be notified by email, followed by reminders at weekly intervals to those who have not begun to undertake their submission.

The final deadline to provide evidence of CPD is approximately 8 weeks after the initial notification.  If a registrant does not respond to the request for CPD evidence by the deadline, there will be an opportunity to consider any extenuating circumstances for non-submission which must be put in writing to the Registrar.

If a registrant still does not provide the required CPD evidence he or she will be removed from the Register.