CPD Assessment 

The expected timescale for assessing CPD profiles is between four and six weeks after submission.  CPD profiles will be processed in the order received, which means that the earlier you send us your completed profile, the sooner you will receive your decision.

During the assessment of the profile, your AHCS registration will be unaffected if you have renewed your registration, made payment, and are not subject to any fitness to practise allegation.

The AHCS assessors will consider your CPD profile and make a decision against each of the standards which are set out along with the assessment criteria in AHCS Guide to CPD . Based on the evidence you provide, the assessors must be certain that you meet each of the standards.

Assessment outcomes

We ask the CPD assessors to consider each CPD profile individually and to make sensible and reasoned decisions and recommendations.

The outcomes of a profile assessment depend on whether you meet, partly meet or do not meet the standards.  In each case, the CPD assessors will make a decision based solely on the information you have provided.

The extent to which you meet the standards may vary from standard to standard. For example, you might meet some standards while only partly meeting others. The CPD assessors will look at your CPD profile as a whole to make a decision and recommendation, which they will justify.

If the CPD assessors decide that you meet most of the standards, but you only partly meet some, we will normally ask you for more information so that the CPD assessors can make a decision/recommendation.

If the CPD assessors decide that you have not met one or more of the standards, we will normally write to you to explain how your CPD profile does not meet the standards and to ask for further evidence.  The Registrar will then review your feedback before a decision is made about whether you can remain on the register.